Angle Classification of Positioning Drill

May 10,2022

The positioning drill is also called a fixed-point drill. The cutting edges are designed for the front and rear edges, which can reduce the deflection caused by high-speed feeding, to achieve high positioning accuracy.


The fixed-point drill blade has three angles: 90 °, 90 ° + 142 °, and 142 °. The fixed-point blades of these three angles have different functions:


positioning drill


90 ° fixed point drill


The most common 90 ° fixed-point drill in the market has good high additional functions. In addition to fixed-point drilling, it can be used for round hole chamfering, side chamfering, V-groove, lettering, and other functions. When chamfering, because the blade of a fixed-point drill has broken cutting angles at the front and back, the number of effective processing teeth is two teeth, and the processing efficiency is higher than that of the fixed-point drill with a single cutting edge on the market.


90 ° + 142 ° fixed point drill


Many processing industries are worried that using fixed-point drills will lead to more processing procedures. Given this problem, we have launched a 90 ° + 142 ° fixed-point drill blade, which adopts a composite angle design. At the same time, it has the function of 90 ° for chamfering and 142 ° for fixed-point drilling, to realize the function of chamfering at the same time when fixed-point drilling, and save a processing procedure for processing users.


142 ° fixed point drill


Effectively provide 135 ° ~ 140 ° drill bits for large diameter drill bits or processing users who only need fixed points. Now there are many drill bits on the market with the function of central fixed-point, but too large drill bits or too small and too long drill bits still need fixed-point drilling to process the pre-drill mouth first, and the drill bit can have a better positioning point when cutting. Due to the large diameter of the large bit, it has great resistance when cutting, especially when it is difficult to process materials. The pre-drilling of fixed-point drilling can reduce the resistance when cutting and follow the accurate center positioning.


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