What can a Fried Dough Twist Drill do?

June 08,2022

  1. Drill metal


The drilling metal is usually a black drill bit. The drill bit is usually made of high-speed steel. It is used in general metal materials (alloy steel, non-alloy steel, cast iron, cast steel, non-ferrous metal) together with metalworking drill bits.


However, pay attention to drilling holes in metal materials. The rotating speed shall not be too high, which may burn the drill bit. At present, there is some gold plated with rare hard metal film on the surface, which are made of tool steel and other materials and hardened after heat treatment. The tip is ground into an equal angle on both sides with a little back inclination to form an acute edge. Steel, iron, and aluminum have not been hardened by heat treatment. Aluminum is easy to stick to the drill bit and needs to be lubricated with soapy water when drilling.


Fried Dough Twist Drill


  1. Drilling concrete


Drill holes on concrete materials and stone materials, use an impact drill, cooperate with a masonry bit, and the cutter head usually uses cemented carbide.


Ordinary families use ordinary 10mm electric hand drills instead of drilling on the cement wall.


  1. Drill wood


To drill holes in wood with a carpenter. Woodworking bits have a large cutting capacity and low requirements for tool hardness. The tool material is generally high-speed steel. There is a small tip in the center of the drilling tip, and the diagonal angles on both sides are relatively large, or even no angle. Used as a fixed position. A metal drill can also drill wood. Because the wood is easy to heat and the fragile sawdust is not easy to extract, it is necessary to slow down and clean the sawdust from time to time.


  1. Drill tiles and glass


Ceramic tile drills are used to drill holes on ceramic tiles and glass with higher hardness. The tool material is tungsten carbon alloy. Because the tool has high hardness and poor toughness, attention should be paid to low-speed and impact-free use.


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